Mixed Reality

Empower employees and optimise operations with mixed reality applications

Since decades, mixed reality has become a sign of the future. As technology continues to bridge the gap between virtual and physical environments, mixed reality is increasingly becoming a central part of corporate digital transformation initiatives. Whether it is used for remote assistance and communication, training and innovation, space planning, teamwork, design and prototyping, or IoT-based data access and analysis, mixed reality has an immense potential to help companies and their employees work smarter and faster. Mixed reality is best designed for first-line situations. From warehouse staff to field service teams, the hands-free, immersive nature of mixed reality is empowering employees to make their jobs easier today. It also lets people create more dynamic spaces, design complex objects, and master advanced skills through simulation. Mixed reality places the knowledge and data that workers need in perspective, in the right location and at the right time, so that they can have an even stronger impact on their organizations. Mixed reality collaboration can help people solve problems faster by sharing expertise in real time. It liberates information from behind screens, putting it in the physical environments where employees do their jobs.

Dynamics 365 for Mixed Reality Features

  • Dynamics 365 Remote AssistHelp employees work together even when they’re worlds apart.Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is the mixed reality tool for instant collaboration.
  • Dynamics 365 GuidesImprove training effectiveness and understand how employees are performing with Dynamics 365 Guides—the mixed reality tool for learning.
  • Dynamics 365 Product VisualizeFind the right solution and close your sales faster with Dynamics 365 Product Visualize—the mixed reality tool for showcasing and customising products.

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