Dynamics GP To D365 BC Migration

Speed up the digital transformation within your organisation

Looking to move from your existing Dynamics GP solution to D365 Business Central (BC)? It makes perfect sense. D365 BC brings you the power of the cloud, and this shift will help speed up the digital transformation within your organization.

Advantages Of Migrating From GP To D365 Business Central

Analytics and Reporting

Availability of data on the cloud enables leveraging the analytics and reporting capabilities/tools. Power BI coupled with the Azure offering to store and manage massive data, is worth investing in. The starting point is the embedded power BI within Business Central.

Collaboration Solutions

Close-knit integration of Business Central with Power Platform, Customer engagement and Office 365 allows the business significantly increasing the efficiency.

Maintenance Cost & Auto Upgrades

The cost of infrastructure management and maintenance for your business is significantly reduced. Microsoft manages the infrastructure for you and the pains and anxiety of infrastructure upgrade/ monitoring/ management completely goes away. Business Central is auto-upgraded by Microsoft, and the new features are available with every update.

Machine Learning & AI

Cortana Intelligence available with Business Central enables taking the first step towards Machine learning and AI. The complete gamut of AI is then available for use deriving benefits for businesses.


Business ‘on the move’ with multiple devices adds another dimension to the way the operations are currently executed auto upgrades.

Migration Approach

Using the Dynamics GP Data Migration Extension

The Dynamics GP Data Migration extension makes it easy to migrate customers, vendors, inventory items, general ledger accounts, open payables and open receivables transactions from Dynamics GP to Business Central. If your business uses Dynamics GP today, you can export the relevant records and then open an assisted setup guide to add the data to Business Central. The migration extension works for all supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Exporting Data from Dynamics GP

You must have exported some or all of your existing customers, vendors, inventory items, and general ledger accounts using data export functionality within Dynamics GP. When selecting the data to export the following types can be selected:

  • Account
  • Customer
  • Item
  • Vendor

When the export file is created you will have a zip file that contains several txt files that will be determined by what you selected during the export data process. There will also be additional txt files that are generated that contain supporting information needed for setup within your new Business Central company. The Dynamics GP Data Migration extension automatically maps the exported data so that your data is quickly available to you in your new Business Central company.

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